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Gashunters felt the need to give a musi-political view on the 2016 US presidential elections and global policital developments.

March 23, 2016 the virtual single The Donkey & The Elephant is released. The EP contains 2 songs:

  • Part 1 - The Final Red Scare
    • Supporting the Bernie movement. In Europe his ideas would be allocated in a mild policital centre, in the US they call it (extreme) socialism. Whatever ... change is unevitable and Bernie unleashed the final red scare for the longer term. #feelthebern, #BernieSanders, #BernieOrBust
  • Part 2 - Rise Of The Machine
    • Like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands the US now have Donald Trump as their own populist. However any other alternative is better he leads in many polls. The deus ex machina has risen ... #trump, #trump2016, #TrumpTreason


Album #6 delayed!

100% DIY = 100% ME .... Being a real indie is a bless, but it can also be the blues ... Due to some personal setbacks I loose a lot of time and energy over the last months and coming weeks. It's not the end of the world as we know it, but I hate rescheduling my plans. And yet, releases must now be delayed.

The new, 6th Gashunters album was to be launched around this time, but will most likely be released in Q1 2017. Hopefully end January/begin February, but not sure at this time.


Hans Geurts

Nov 15th 2016


"Big Bang' TIP in IO Pages!

Besides a review on the first two albums 'The End Of The Big Bang' got a warm welcome in Dutch progressive rock magazine 'IO Pages'. Pointed out as TIP the album is highly recommended.


Work in progress ...


Meanwhile, what's happenin' in Hansenbergs lab? No, not crystal meth, it's just music. Being a big Breaking Bad fan - best series ever - Hans loves to use the nickname Hansenberg in the creativity phase. Simultaneously Gashunters is cookin' on several stoves. What will be put together in final products and released first/next depends heavily on moods and developments :) Creativity and inspiration are almost ubiquitous, but time is not ...



Appropriate songs and intrumentals are always being collected for new Gashunters albums in the best prog pop tradition.

So far for tradition ... on the following, additional hot plates Gashunters spreads his musical wings a bit more:



Conventional Gashunters interpretations of some essential music genres: Rock & Roll & Rhythm & Blues & Boogie.


Stripping down to the bone, gathering some basic singer-songwriter stuff. It may end up in a collection of 'siso-alike' songs.


Got lost from the alternative highway and trying to write some rather 'commercial' sounding songs. For this project divergent vocalists (f/m) are wanted. Contact us if you're interested.


For the longer term Gashunters is working on a pretentious concept - under working title  MMC - about the evolution of mankind and saving the world ... It's a coalescence in which Hans combines his two passions: music and being an active "common-sense-citizen" in Vinisva (sorry, Dutch only).



Gashunters is ad hoc contributing to a worldwide collaboration of musicians, united in WWMU. the song "Neon Heart" was the first result.

Gashunters OMB

... the new music hybrid Gashunters is probably the perfect example in the latest trend in music business. From band to DJ, from DJ to OMB, the one man band has evolved from a curious human Xmas tree on the street to a hi-tech small studio. The singer-songwriter in a new millennium ...

Gashunters = OMB = Hans Geurts: songwriter, multi instrumentalist, singer, producer, studio engineer, label manager, marketeer and many more.

All-in-one, fully independent. It's a challenge indeed :)

'Prog pop from the lowlands' is music made in Holland: an original cocktail of melodic rock and power pop with influences from prog, jazz and latin.
Explore Gashunters for a new musical experience and the hottest business model in music industry.

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