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Work in progress ...


Meanwhile, what's happenin' in Hansenbergs lab? No, not crystal meth, it's just music. Being a big Breaking Bad fan - best series ever - Hans loves to use the nickname Hansenberg in the creativity phase. Simultaneously Gashunters is cookin' on several stoves. What will be put together in final products and released first/next depends heavily on moods and developments :) Creativity and inspiration are almost ubiquitous, but time is not ...



Appropriate songs and intrumentals are always being collected for new Gashunters albums in the best prog pop tradition.

So far for tradition ... on the following, additional hot plates Gashunters spreads his musical wings a bit more:



Conventional Gashunters interpretations of some essential music genres: Rock & Roll & Rhythm & Blues & Boogie.


Stripping down to the bone, gathering some basic singer-songwriter stuff. It may end up in a collection of 'siso-alike' songs.


Got lost from the alternative highway and trying to write some rather 'commercial' sounding songs. For this project divergent vocalists (f/m) are wanted. Contact us if you're interested.


For the longer term Gashunters is working on a pretentious concept - under working title  MMC - about the evolution of mankind and saving the world ... It's a coalescence in which Hans combines his two passions: music and being an active "common-sense-citizen" in Vinisva (sorry, Dutch only).



Gashunters is ad hoc contributing to a worldwide collaboration of musicians, united in WWMU. the song "Neon Heart" was the first result.


We'd like to follow some rules of fair use policy. You may listen to our music as much as you like, without limitiations from our side. If you want to adapt Gashunters songs for small, personal use, it's also okay. But if you like to use Gashunters material for commercial purposes, please contact Twoomusic.


Gashunters is in every inch an indie project: completely independent from third parties in the music industry. Music and lyrics are always copyrighted, but default free for airplay and CD production.

Inducement and goals

Inducement as well as goals for Gashunters starting as a fully DIY one-man-project are rather simple. The music industry looks for proven concepts and startups have to find their own way. Second, it's difficult to find kindred spirit, enthousiasm, musical consensus and investments in time, effort and money for the longer run.

T w O O M u S I c