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Hans was the singer and playing keys in The Reverbs, a Dutch new wave band (1980-1983). In 1982 the band recorded 10 songs on a demo cassette tape.

The ‘1983’ album is a genuine eighties experience! 10 short and fast-paced songs, recorded on a demo cassette tape in 1982 by The Reverbs, a Dutch new wave band (1980-1983). Original material has been remastered and officially released 35 years later! The demo tape was not a success in the music industry, unfortunately, but IMHO the music is still very well likeable in this millennium. Above all the sound is too cute to be ignored or forgotten by history. You really wanna go back to the eighties? Don’t be satisfied by tributes or revivals, this is the real thing! This music is genuine 80’s. Material was never released before and the only original demo tape I had has been digitized and a bit pumped up by modern mastering tools. Fair and square: quality does not meet today’s standard, so listen with 80’s ears.

Hans Geurts

For its main purpose is a Dutch audience all further project communication is in Dutch.
You could use Google Translate for a quick translation.

Het ‘1983’ album is een authentieke eighties ervaring! Het betreft 10 korte, up-tempo demo’s - totale duur van het album bedraagt nog geen half uur ... -, in 1982 vastgelegd op een cassettebandje door The Reverbs, een new wave band - opererend vanuit Horst (L), van 1980-1983.


P I G H - the 5th Gashunters album with 8 brand new songs!


The abbrevation PIGH stands for Plug In Guitar Hybrid. So, on this Gashunters album you'll find the guitar plugged in ... The Gashunters sound is expanded with electrifying guitar contributions from Dani Rogosic. It's a logical collaboration follow-up on the single 'Shake It Off' from March 2015.Be amazed, be dazzled! And "play it f* loud!" as the great Bob Dylan once adviced!

In the 2003 project In Search Of Genius Twoomusic material should be performed by a band, selected and after a quite strong selection procedurte composed by Twoomusic.

Besides female lead vocals there were four very talented musicians:

  • Vocals - Miss Joycez (Joyce Meuwissen)
  • Bass - Virgil Smit
  • Keys - Paul van Acht
  • Drums - Fon Jansen
  • Guitar - Ferry Brouwer

A view on the 2016 US presidential elections and global policital developments

Being a concerned world citizen and also songwriter I’ve translated #election2016 into a double single: The Donkey & The Elephant. This digital EP contains 2 songs about the US presidential run: Part 1 - The Final Red Scare and Part 2 - Rise Of The Machine.

A short note on the songs:

  • The Donkey & The Elephant is definitely a serious thought about the 2016 elections in the US. On the other hand it’s a musical nookie for Gashunters.
  • Unfortunately suspension of disbelief goes beyond the presidential elections. It’s widely spread and every time it is fed by deus ex machinas all over the world.
  • Without any doubt there’s a clear ‘Bossy’ reference in ‘The Final Red Scare’ :)

Please read my motivation below!

Hans Geurts
March 2016

It's okay to call my 7th album a Gashunters guilty pleasure. Being a kid from the 60's and 70's I grew up in the best musical realms. On Denim Avenue I took some inspiration from the world of rock & roll & rhythm & blues. However big the influence is, this 'tribute' is not meant to be too straightforward. Typical Gashunters sound characteristics are never far away :)

Like always the lyrics are impregnated by social and personal themes. 7 of them are written by my songwriting partner Astrid, 5  by myself. On a bunch of songs my friend Martijn Hover participates on additional guitars and backing vocals. By the name of Papa Yabo he does his own musical thing.

Hans Geurts
January 2018

End of Summer 2015 'Turn Around' is released.This 4th Gashunters album is fully in line with the debut trilogy. More than 50 minutes, containing 12 brand new songs. All lyrics are written by Twoomusic partner Astrid Rhemrev, music and vocals are done by Hans Geurts.

 In anticipation of the album release three pre-album-singles are presented between June and September 2015:

  1. Perfection is dangerous
  2. Alliance
  3. What's going on

When Hans started Gashunters in Spring 2013 there was a short term mission statement:

Release a '1 year debut album trilogy',
world wide, all done by yourself

Writing music and lyrics, playing, recording, singing, mixing, mastering and whatever there is to get the job done. Starting with a complete clean sheet, leaving behind a period of less satisfying live and band experiences.