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Under construction - Q4 2017/Q1 2018

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In parallel universes 3 albums are under construction. One is a fine tribute to the world of 'rock & roll & rhythm & blues', with contributions from friend and guitarist Martijn Hover. The second album is quite a long-held aspiration. Music was tried out in a band around 2003 but it's about time that the concept 'In  Search of Genius' gets into the spotlights. Third project is a more proggy kind of conceptalbum. More can't be said, please be patient :) The first 2 albums are planned for release in Q1 of 2018, the 3rd for 2019.


We're figuring out if a bunch of singles can be released, with contributions from external singers. First results are to be expected in Q1 of 2018.

"PIGH" - 5th Gashunters album, featuring Dani Rogosic

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P I G H - the 5th Gashunters album with 8 brand new songs!


On the new Gashunters album you'll find the guitar plugged in ... The Gashunters sound is expanded with electrifying guitar contributions from Dani Rogosic. It's a collaboration follow-up on the single 'Shake It Off' from March 2015.


Be amazed, be dazzled! The 35 minutes album is released 'digital only' and is available at our online music providers. During Summer '16 several singles are to be introduced to radio stations world wide, starting with 'Letting Go'.


"Shake it off", the 2nd collaboration

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After a first collaboration in "Frankenstorm Freak" the single "Shake it off" is the second one. Dani Rogosic adds some guitars to this release.


Collabs are not a goal on itself, Gashunters keeps being a one-man-project. Whenever the moon is standing in the right position additional musicians and vocalists could participate in special projects.

Frankenstorm Freak

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Frankenstorm Freak is the first Gashunters single. In Q4 of 2013, while working on the 3rd Gashunters album,  Hans collaborated with US lyricist and audio consultant Yuriy Cook. It's a song in remembrance of hurricane Sandy (October 2012).

Lyrics come from Yuriy Cook (USA), the music is written and performed by Hans Geurts (NL) and the lead vocalist is Rodney Blaze (NL). Backing vocals are done by Rodney Blaze and Hans Geurts.

The single was released in January 2014 and is available through all online providers as well as on Youtube.

".S.I.X.T.H." - The 6th Gashunters album

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.S.I.X.T.H is the 6th Gashunters album and is produced in the best Gashunters tradition: 100% OMB :)


Everything on this Gashunters album is played, produced and engineered by Hans Geurts.


With a 6 months delay because of personal setbacks the 49 minutes album and 11 brand new songs are released 'on May 26th 2017. digital only' and is available at our online music providers


"Turn Around", the 4th album

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End of Summer 2015 'Turn Around' is released.This 4th Gashunters album is fully in line with the debut trilogy. More than 50 minutes, containing 12 brand new songs. All lyrics are written by Twoomusic partner Astrid Rhemrev, music and vocals are done by Hans Geurts.


In anticipation of the album release three pre-album-singles are presented between June and September 2015:

  1. Perfection is dangerous
  2. Alliance
  3. What's going on

The debut album trilogy

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When Hans started Gashunters in Spring 2013 there was a short term mission statement:

Release a '1 year debut album trilogy',
world wide, all done by yourself

Writing music and lyrics, playing, recording, singing, mixing, mastering and whatever there is to get the job done. Starting with a complete clean sheet, leaving behind a period of less satisfying live and band experiences.