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Turn Around - Turn On Change - Transition By Artists !

This is a new logo, used by Twoomusic and Gashunters to emphasize that the subject (a release, an article, etc.) is due to thoughts about change. Artists can turn on change! By writing and performing music and lyrics with a meaning. Like Bob Dylan and Donovan did in the sixties.

Since the nineties the world shows an increasing amount of insane developments. Neoliberals in politics and oligarchic business lobbies sold out collectivism by worshipping Mammon and filling their own pockets. In less than a few decades great wealth and growth have evaporated, leaving a factual bankrupt world. 2016 shows preposterous caricatures in all of society's segments and especially in politics. Over the next years all over the world societies will be redefined and fossil concepts like labour, job and economic growth will be replaced by caring & sharing economy, sustainability & renewable energy, equality & unconditional basic income.

We want to contribute to a better world. Every small step counts :)  Contact us if you want to join the party!