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Number One - A Quiet Taste
Number One - A Quiet Taste
Number One - A Quiet Taste
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At last, twenty years after the first steps, In Search Of Genius comes to life.

The official release date of the 8th Gashunters album is 2-2-2020.




Gashunters OMB


... music hybrid Gashunters is probably a perfect example of a modern trend in music business. From band to DJ, from DJ to OMB, the one man band has evolved from a curious human Xmas tree on the street to a hi-tech small studio. The singer-songwriter in a new millennium ...

Gashunters = OMB = Hans Geurts: songwriter, multi instrumentalist, singer, producer, studio engineer, label manager, marketeer and many more.

All-in-one, fully independent. From composition and production to distribution and marketing. It's quite a challenge, indeed :)

'Prog pop from the lowlands' is music made in Holland: an original cocktail of melodic rock and power pop with influences from prog, jazz and latin.
Explore Gashunters for a new musical experience and the hottest business model in music industry.

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