Inducement and goals


Inducement as well as goals for Gashunters starting as a fully DIY one-man-project are rather simple. The music industry looks for proven concepts and startups have to find their own way. Second, it's difficult to find kindred spirit, enthousiasm, musical consensus and investments in time, effort and money for the longer run.

Furthermore, leaving a musical footprint is probably one of the most non-pretentious intentions :) As a songwriter you want to leave your legacy to the world. At least it was one of the triggers for the birth of Gashunters. Depending on developments the next step could be (international) collaboration with labels, producers, lyricists, musicians and vocalists to get - existing and new - Gashunters material worked out to a new level.

Btw, Gashunters understands the needs of other independents, like a lot of internet radio stations are, but will NOT pay for airplay. Sorry guys, in my business model as a studio project the costs  exceed the benefits also. It feels like the world upside down. If someone's got to pay IMHO it should be the music industry and the customers (listeners), not the artist.