The Gashunters project

"A studio project, a one-man-band, producing prog pop from the lowlands", that's Gashunters in a nutshell. A 2nd millennium singer/songwriter, writing and producing songs about small and global worlds, quite indie doing it all. Operating in quite a music niche, an idiosyncratic mix of rock and (power) pop and sparkles from prog, jazz and latin. Less to no epic suites or skill exhibits for Gashunters, more melodic pop/rock songs. Gashunters officially released 7 albums and 7 singles (March 2018) under the personal, independent label Twoomusic on music provider CD Baby.

The Real Indie

Was the creative process already quite an indie statement, the next steps in management, design, marketing, promotion and distribution are also fitting the 100% independent music business model. Gashunters is the real indie indeed ...

Being a studio project live events are no part of the plan. For now you can support Gashunters in different ways:

And what about the band name? Besides being an anagram for pivot Hans Geurts the name Gashunters refers to a constant hunt for gas, figuratively speaking: great fragrances and nasty smells - in love and relations, in society, in the world - are being transformed into music and lyrics with its own and recognizable identity.

Main goal is to drop a musical legacy in global space: spreading the Gashunters music and words worldwide, through online providers and radio stations.