In Search Of Genius

Twoomusic, i.c. Astrid Rhemrev (lyrics) and Hans Geurts (music), had worked out a complete musical concept by the name Walls, somewhere around the millennium change. After some playing around the name of the project changed to In Search Of Genius

In 2003 there was no doubt about the final performance: it had to be a band of outstanding musicians. Singer Joyce was undisputed from the start. For the musicians a lot of auditions were held. In the end the band went on rehearsals and after a sunny band coaching weekend the band - including the support of a professional band coach - was off to go.


In Search Of Genius in 2003

  • Vocals - Miss Joycez (Joyce Meuwissen)
  • Bass - Virgil Smit
  • Keys - Paul van Acht
  • Drums - Fon Jansen
  • Guitar - Ferry Brouwer

But ... a wrong timeframe, some wrong decisions and one lethal change in the band led to an early death of a promising concept by the end of 2003. The project ISOG was shelved.

In the meantime Hans started his first OMB ideas in 2005 (Genius) and finally worked this out with since 2013 (Gashunters). Also in this timeframe the ISOG songs were converted to digital one-man-band products. Everything besides lead vocals and guitars was covered by Hans: drums, bass, keys and simple guitar parts.

In 2015, while recording songs for the PIGH album, Hans had an epiphany. The guitar sounds by Dani Rogosic were the perfect missing piece in the ISOG ideas! Without further ado all necessary guitar parts were digitally recorded and saved.

All vocal auditions over the years had not lead to any positive vibes. And again, ISOG got shelved for some time. Waiting for the final touch ...

Hans regularly contacted Joyce, lead vocalist from the start. At last, in the summer of 2019 Joyce added all lead and backing vocals to the recordings. And after almost 20 years (!) the project In Search Of Genius comes to live.