In Search Of Genius (UC)


In the 2003 project In Search Of Genius Twoomusic material should be performed by a band, selected and after a quite strong selection procedurte composed by Twoomusic.

Besides female lead vocals there were four very talented musicians:

  • Vocals - Miss Joycez (Joyce Meuwissen)
  • Bass - Virgil Smit
  • Keys - Paul van Acht
  • Drums - Fon Jansen
  • Guitar - Ferry Brouwer

Hans (music) and Astrid (lyrics) had worked out a complete musical concept, somewhere between 2000 and 2002. By the name of In Search Of Genius various songs and instrumentals were written and supposed to be performed in a well directed live show. Keep in mind that Hans first started his OMB ideas in 2005 and finally explored since 2013. So, in 2003 there was no doubt about the final performance: it had to be a band of outstanding musicians.

For months we've looked for the best members. Singer Joyce was undisputed from the start. For the musicians many auditions were held. In the end the band went on rehearsals and after a sunny band weekend the band - including the support of a professional band coach - was off to go.

But ... a wrong timeframe and one lethal change in the band led to an early death of a promising concept.


In 2018 Hans is picking picking up the pieces and is about release the ISOG material in a Gashunters jacket. What's the 2018 idea?

  • All the music is newly played and recorded. Lyrics are checked and rewritten when necessary.
  • All vocals will be renewed! Most lead and backing vocals will be done by the original ISOG voice (!) Miss Joycez but will on some songs be expanded with additional leads and backings by Hans.
  • Most instruments are played and/or programmed by Hans Geurts. In a number of songs additional guitars take quite a prominent position and are played by Dani Rogosic.

Let's see where it leads to ...