In Search Of Genius


In Search Of Genius is Gashunters’ latest contribution to a steady growing discography. Since 2013 seven albums and  a handful of singles were released. Google ‘gashunters’ and you’ll find music at all relevant music providers, like Youtube, Spotify, Tidal en Apple Music/iTunes.

In Search Of Genius has quite a history. Original music compositions as well as song lyrics (written by partner Astrid Rhemrev) date from the millennium change.  A band with the same name (it’s 2003) eventually did not come to life and the project was put aside.

Featuring artists

Gashunters is a one-man-band. That choice sometimes makes it not easy or even impossible to create the sound that’s wanted. Hence there are ad hoc collaborations with vocalists and/or instrumentalists. In 2014 In Search Of Genius was reinitiated and all external guitar parts, played by virtuoso Dani Rogosic, were recorded. Moreover, Dani already featured on the guitar oriented PIGH release from 2016, which could be marked as a prelude to the latter Genius album.

 In the Summer of 2019 the songs got complete new lead and backing vocals, all done by Joycez, singer in the 2003 band. Her conservatory-trained voice perfectly fits In Search Of Genius. Low or high pitch, she does it all with great ease.

Finally, almost 20 years later, the album was ready for launch.


Simultaneously in 2013 Gashunters presented the first album and the term ‘progressive pop’ or progpop, an alternative music genre. Sometimes light, sometimes heavy melodic rock and pop songs with an edge. The music tries to ‘audioalize’ the lyrics. The album In Search Of Genius is no exception. The contributions made by Dani and Joycez add an extra dimension to the definition of progpop.


With the official release In Search Of Genius is added to the eternal musical cloud. The album contains 10 songs and total playing time is over 50 minutes. Like all Gashunters material the complete album as well as the individual songs are only available for digital download or stream. The PDF booklet with song lyrics and album information can be downloaded at


The cover of ISOG 2020 ...  (click for play)



In Search Of Genius in 2003

  • Vocals - Joycez 
  • Bass - Virgil 
  • Keys - Paul
  • Drums - Fon
  • Guitar - Ferry