The debut album trilogy

When Hans started Gashunters in Spring 2013 there was a short term mission statement:

Release a '1 year debut album trilogy',
world wide, all done by yourself

Writing music and lyrics, playing, recording, singing, mixing, mastering and whatever there is to get the job done. Starting with a complete clean sheet, leaving behind a period of less satisfying live and band experiences.

With his business background Hans even moved the bar up by attracting all marketing and distribution activities. In brief: except using some external lyrics this trilogy had to be a very personal start or 'big bang' of the Gashunters concept.

Hans plays several instruments and he writes music and lyrics for several decades now. With his background in ICT and MIDI he started recording in Cubase since the buggy Atari version 1.0. The digital way gives all the space you need and gives all the room for developing ideas. So, getting the music 'on tape' was not the biggest challenge ... Recording music had always been a rather private area. At the most it was meant to be a demo, nothing more.

However, for the goal demo quality was not enough ... The most important and difficult learning curve in producing the album trilogy became mixing for a part and mastering as a whole. The last step in music producing concerns more audio than music feel. In the trilogy this may become clear when listening to three different sounding albums.

After startup activities like assembling the right home studio, building the Gashunters apperances on the internet (e.g. website and social media) in April 2013 Hans worked out 8 musical ideas for the 1st Gashunters album 'A Quiet Taste' that was released May 2013. The firstborn was meant to be an appetizer, as the album description says:

'A Quiet Taste' will be a pleasant experience from the indie-corner. Eight songs, with a recognizable, own sound, now conquer a position for Gashunters in Dutch progpop. Sometimes gloomy, sometimes blaming and shaming, always inspiring?

The album ´A Quiet Taste´ is a kind of a trailer on what's coming. 2013 will bring more divergent music. This first brush is a 100% DIY home studio production. Originally Hans Geurts is composer and keyboard player, but on this album he does it all.

In the meantime material was written and gathered from older ideas for the 2nd album 'A True Man's Home', which was released in September 2013. The album description:

A true man's home is filled with 12 very digestible pop-rock songs up to a total playing time of 50 minutes. Hans himself calls it the 'dark album', for the music really can get you off on the wrong foot here. It's a brooding concept album with song lyrics not about the bright side of life

The goal was to conclude the trilogy in 2013, but some private developments and the single release 'Frankenstorm Freak' (October '13 - January '14), forced the planning to be adjusted.

The 3rd album 'The End Of The Big Bang' saw the light on April 30 2014 and therefor still complying with the mission statement. Following the album title it also concludes phase 1 of the Gashunters evolution. The album description:

The title of this album, “The End Of The Big Bang”, refers to the end of the threefold birth of Gashunters and marks the starting point of further evolution … Like its two predecessors, “Big Bang” is filed with prog pop, though on this album you might discover a little less prog and a bit more mainstream.

More detailed album information is to be found under Discography.

Maybe, at some point, (parts of) the albums will be compiled, mixed and mastered again. Perhaps even replayed with musicians and vocalists. Who knows? Time will tell, but in the meantime the trilogy is considered complete and coved and the Gashunters evolution continues in new projects!