The Donkey And The Elephant #election2016 #election2020


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*The Final Red Scare

* Rise Of The Machine

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The Final Red Scare 

Rise Of The Machine 


A view on the 2016 US presidential elections and global policital developments

Being a concerned world citizen and also songwriter I’ve translated #election2016 into a double single: The Donkey & The Elephant. This digital EP contains 2 songs about the US presidential run: Part 1 - The Final Red Scare and Part 2 - Rise Of The Machine.

A short note on the songs:

Please read my motivation below!

Hans Geurts
March 2016

P.S. June 2019: IMHO Part 1 -The Final Red Scare would be the perfect #election2020 campaign song for Bernie Sanders! And furthermore, as the the song is totally inspired on the Bruce Springsteen sound it should actually be (dis)covered by The Boss  himself :) We'll see in 2020 ....



Once upon a time, a very long time ago, a land called USofA was populated by Eurasian indians. Starting some 500 years ago a new wave of European refugees, adventurers and mavericks crossed the ocean and wiped out the native citizens. At the end of the 18th century the united states signed for the Bill of Rights, completed with a list of amendments. The free and wild spirit is best reproduced by the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms). It seems to be even more important than the first ...

These rules of law define USA’s image until today. The vast majority of the resident population claim to be the true Americans. Rather a strange idea, given the ultra short history in the previous paragraph. Europe itself had an enormous mass movement around 500. Millions of people drifted from East to West. So, European countries encountered an identical situation. Both continents are in an enormous struggle with their identity. The question is always the same: who are native citizens, what is the national identity, what makes one an American or Dutch? Of course pragmatism and commercial drive were imporant triggers but the Golden Age in The Netherlands could only evolve BECAUSE OF tolerance and many immigrants!


In a civilized and democratic society a lot of things have to be taken care of. Many choices have to be made. Is every citizen on his or her own, seeking for personal benefit? Neoliberalism wants this to be true. Hedonism is widely accepted, taking responsibility is out, gaps are huge. But man is a social animal and therefore by definition depending on others. Point is, there’s only one way out for the future of the world (including the USA) and that’s a mild version of socialism. Not in the way the USSR and China implemented communism in the 20th century, of course not! They misinterpreted Karl Marx’s ideas for the sake of a newly created upper class of apparatchiks. In fact it's no different from modern ultra-capitalism.

George Orwells Animal Farm is probably the easiest and most effective way to learn from. We can also learn from China, with some thousands of years beyond Western civilization. The relation between government and citizen is family-like, a relation built on trust and honesty. Sure, there’s a lot to say about this country today, but keep in mind that this is the result of some 60 years of mismanagement. The underlying high degree of civilization, built on Confucianism, imbues past as well as future.

Since the nineties the world shows an increasing amount of insane developments, in politics, economics, environment, in everything, everywhere. The neoliberals in politics and oligarchic business lobbies sold out collectivism by worshipping Mammon and filling their own pockets. In less than a few decades great wealth and growth have evaporated, leaving a factual bankrupt world. 2016 shows preposterous caricatures in all of society's segments and especially in politics. On all continents. Donald Trump got the US in a headlock, in Europe we have Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, Marine Le Pen in France and Frauke Petry in Germany. Populists worldwide are gaining from fear and ignorance.


Socialism in the USA is treated as a curse, but hey, it’s the answer to most problems. The US have always been afraid of the red scare, but it's 2016 now! The current social economic model is or will be dead in a few years. What's the alternative for an economy driven world? A people's community, with reciprocal care and attention. And yes, that's socialism. Just get used to the term :)

November 2016 one donkey and one elephant will mount the platform to obtain the worlds probably most relevant job. On the GOP side it seems to be the deus ex machina Donald Trump. According to Gashunters the donkey will kick the elephants ass. Will the winner be the Clinton clan? Sanders will at least place a mark for the future. It's the final red scare...

May neoliberalish Hillary be heavily adjusted by the Bernie virus and the people of the United States prevent an elephant in the oval room…