The Donkey And The Elephant



Gashunters felt the need to give a musi-political view on the 2016 US presidential elections and global policital developments.

March 23, 2016 the virtual single The Donkey & The Elephant is released. The EP contains 2 songs:

  • Part 1 - The Final Red Scare
    • Supporting the Bernie movement. In Europe his ideas would be allocated in a mild policital centre, in the US they call it (extreme) socialism. Whatever ... change is unevitable and Bernie unleashed the final red scare for the longer term. #feelthebern, #BernieSanders, #BernieOrBust
  • Part 2 - Rise Of The Machine
    • Like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands the US now have Donald Trump as their own populist. However any other alternative is better he leads in many polls. The deus ex machina has risen ... #trump, #trump2016, #TrumpTreason