Gashunters 2nd birthday and evolution

Oh yes, the evolution continues …

We're celibrating two years of Gashunters this Spring. Three albums and a bunch of singles (see discography) have been released until now. Being a bit autistic indie studio (and thus not live!) project Gashunters is not prominently visible online and IRL. Nevertheless Gashunters is well alive and kicking! There's a lot of stuff in progress, with Hans working in parallel dimensions, solo as well as in collaboration.

What is to be expected from Gashunters? Of course more prog pop, in the very tradition of the debut trilogy. A 4th album will be released by the end of Summer 2015. Many musical ideas pop up, from which at least one will result in a real concept album (2016).

For releases just keep following the news on this website, on Facebook and/or Twitter  :)